Attending different weekly farmers markets as we do makes for interesting days.

There's always an early start, packing the car travelling and then setting out our stall. We're pretty familiar with the process now but it always feels a little frantic and where we are at each market can vary so we adapt our display each time to suit.

And then it changes as we start chatting to the early bird customers as they wander in.

At this point I like to take a break, to relax and slow down. Whereas Nicola will go for a walk, I like to sit and have coffee in a cafe.

Fortitude Coffee

I tend to find a favourite in each location, one with the nicest atmosphere and decor. Comparing them some themes appear : I seem to like simplicity and a combination of modern fittings in an old building. A mixture of people is always nice, but not too noisy. Call me fussy but this combination is so important that I once counted myself passing 5 other cafes to get to my favourite !

Main Street Trading

And my current favourites ?
In Stockbridge (Edinburgh) it is Fortitude, in Leith it's Relish. Nearer home in Berwick it'll be Mule on Rouge or Northern Edge and yesterday in Alnwick it was Salts Delicatessen. If we are at the Crafters in Melrose then Apples for Jam is the one or if I have time to stop then nearby in St Boswells is Main St. Trading . . .

Salts Delicatessen

Other places are undecided so if you reccomendations I'd love to hear them . . .

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