a wooden spoon and the tools used to carve it

Hand Made

I'm a woodworker, more specifically, because I work with fresh undried timber, a "Green Woodworker".

Oddly the term Green Woodworking isn't that old it was first coined in the 1980's by both Drew Langsner in the States and Mike Abbott in the UK who both wrote books on crafts that were slowly being forgotten.

It's odd really that in our modern world we have had to invent terms for things that used to be common place : green woodworking for what was just woodworking, free range eggs for what used to be called simply "eggs" and Wild Swimming for what in Nicola's childhood was simply "swimming".

Is it progress ? I'm not sure, but I have noticed that the more technological our western world becomes, the more we feel an attraction to the natural and the hand made.

Samina Langholz puts it nicely in the book Woodworking :

" The profileration in new technology has created a new need in people - an obsession for the opposite; a strong desire for something imperfect, warm and human, which adds that fonal touch to their modern home".
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