How do I look after my wooden spoon ?

How do I look after my wooden spoon ?

One of the two commonest questions we get asked at markets is what do I oil my spoon/board/spurtle with ?

Well the short answer is that woodenware doesn't actually need any treatment at all.

Interestingly several studies have shown that timber is much more hygenic than plastic. Timber actually absorbs bacteria, dehydrating and killing them in the process, whereas on a used plastic board the bacteria can happily live in the cuts and scrapes on the surface where you cannot get in to clean.

making porridge

With use timber will also absorb oils from food and cooking creating a naturally smooth and polished surface. With an eating spoon until it does develop a patina you may find after washing that it feels dry to your mouth. If that is the case then you can re-oil your spoon.

Use any foodsafe oil you have handy, my favourites are Coconut or Walnut oil. I would avoid Olive oil because of all oils it does tend to go off or rancid the quickest.

To oil a spoon just rub oil all over, wait a few minutes then polish off with a piece of cloth or paper towel.

porridge in a wooden bowl

Oh and in case you are wondering what the other question we get asked is . . . it's do Nicola's printed linens wash ok ? and the answer is yes : just pop them into machine at 30 degrees and they'll be fine. By hand is fine too of course.

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